If you walk down a street where window-rattling hip-hop lyrics escape passing cars, scroll through the seemingly never-ending timelines of social-media influencers, or bend an ear to a group of teenagers discussing social hierarchies, you’ll likely encounter a phrase pervading today’s culture: Game recognize game

Ignoring the obvious issue of subject-verb agreement, there is merit in understanding its use because the idea goes beyond pop culture and can be applied to the world of nine-to-five. And, in case it’s unclear, “game recognize game,” is when people (or organizations) of comparable stature state a mutual respect.

In business, companies have long-valued this principle, but its manifestation has always been sterilized. Instead of two entities proclaiming they – also in the vernacular of today’s slang – “feel each other’s swag” (translation: identify with their confidence, cool-factor), the bilateral admiration is replaced with corporate-speak of “partnerships,” “strategic alignments,” and awards signifying outstanding achievements. And, that’s okay because it’s not about what you call it. It’s about recognizing when organizations are doing great things, and Acumatica is one such organization.

Why is this important? Because as illustrated in the introduction, people communicate similar messages in disparate channels. And, these various channels not only reach a wide audience, but also have the power to influence public opinion, which in turn shapes perception. This is especially advantageous for organizations when the messages shine a positive light on their activities or the organization itself. 

For instance, although Acumatica is relatively new to the ERP industry, their offerings have been hailed by widely respected associations such as the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), publications like PCMag, and industry leading information technology and advisory companies such as Gartner. With names like that lauding your products, others take notice, including us at TrueCommerce.

In fact, we’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of TrueCommerce announcing complete integration with Acumatica’s ERP. And, as part of that announcement, TrueCommerce president Ross Elliott said, “Acumatica is a fast-growing ERP provider serving a large community of dynamic organizations. We decided to make a strategic investment to offer them the full breadth of TrueCommerce capabilities that includes our best-in-class unified commerce suite.” 

Since then, customers have been thrilled with the results. Here is a sample of what Acumatica users enjoy with TrueCommerce:

  • A single connection that provides immediate integration with a global trading-partner community, including support for XML and EDI
  • Full integration of business documents exchanged with customers, such as sales orders, order confirmations, and invoice transactions
  • Automatic validation of unit pricing and purchase order numbers
  • Multi-channel integration with pre-built connectors for dropship vendor programs, fast-growing online marketplaces and e-commerce storefront systems
  • Automatic new customer creation within Acumatica for new sales orders
  • Direct integration with third-party logistics (3PL) partners or utilization of TrueCommerce’s fully integrated Pack & Ship application
  • Simplified management of all trading partner requirements for packing-list templates, including content, data and graphics

But it is not just TrueCommerce that has positive things to say about the integration. Vice President of Partner Solutions for Acumatica Christian Lindberg said, “Our diverse customer community knows that Acumatica partners with best-in-class organizations to maximize ROI in our platform. TrueCommerce offers a vast pre-connected commerce network, ease of deployment and reliability. We see great promise in TrueCommerce’s abilities to help our customers compete in today’s digital-first multi-channel environment, and we are looking forward to working together.”

Like the kids say, Game recognize game.     

For more information, visit TrueCommerce.com


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