Why Lease Accounting Must Integrate with Your ERP

Why Lease Accounting Must Integrate with Your ERP

Acumatica customers need flexible technology to help them reach their business goals as they strive to grow in a competitive market. Integrating a reliable lease accounting solution with your existing ERP is a strategic decision that streamlines the accounting process. This article explains why your chosen software must integrate with your ERP.

Combine the best solutions

Integrating the best lease accounting solution available with an ERP like Acumatica enables your organization to combine the top solutions for complex accounting with the other tools the accounting team already uses. Simplifying lease accounting and automating accounting processes improves accuracy and streamlines workflows, saving companies time and resources.

Ability to choose

Having a lease accounting application that can integrate directly with an ERP allows an organization the flexibility to choose the solution with the best fit. Companies can choose a software solution based on the criteria that is important to them.

Work with the experts

A standalone software solution for lease accounting with the capability to integrate with your ERP means your organization can select the application built for lease accounting by accountants rather than use a module developed by engineers with more general knowledge.

Improves efficiency and unlocks financial insights

Lease accounting software integration allows companies to seamlessly transfer data into their existing ERP, improving efficiency and critical decision-making opportunities. See more about the benefits of integrating lease accounting software with Acumatica below.

Journal entry automation

Integrating the two technologies leads to streamlined processes. With automated journal entries, companies free up valuable time during month-end close to use for other tasks.

Error prevention

The integration effortlessly transfers lease accounting data between your lease accounting solution and your ERP, minimizing the need for manual data entry and preventing mistakes before they’re made.

Data consolidation

The integration allows you to efficiently and accurately consolidate information for reporting. Financial schedules are easily available for reconciliations and disclosures, without having to go to another source


As technology continues to evolve, it’s critical to connect accounting solutions for the most seamless results possible. With a growing demand for efficiency and automation, synchronizing your lease accounting software with Acumatica will enhance your business goals.


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