Meet Customers Everywhere with Embedded Commerce

Meet Customers Everywhere with Embedded Commerce

Connectedness was all the rage in the 1990s, when broadband and wireless communications opened new possibilities for payments acceptance. Manufacturers unveiled handheld mobile and virtual POS devices, the first of many mobile and cloud-based payment solutions.

Today’s business owners take connectedness for granted. Like air and water, communications are omnipresent, powering a range of commercial enterprises and the Internet of Things (IoT), and backed by redundant, co-located networks and data centers, designed to automatically step in and take over during outages and power failures.

Like air and water, commerce is a continuous undercurrent that drives business forward in an always-connected world. Customers who queue up in checkout lines are there by choice, recognizing that physical in-store checkout is just one of many available payment options.

Convenience, multiplied

Advanced communications technologies democratized access to a global ecommerce marketplace, paving the way for small and midsize service providers to sell online. However, serving the everchanging needs and personal preferences of customers around the world requires resilience and adaptability.

Today’s customers check in and check out with equanimity across a broad array of touchpoints and channels, including the following:

  • Research and buy in-store
  • Research and initiate a layaway or buy now, pay later (BNPL) plan in store
  • Research on phone, visit store, buy online (showrooming)
  • Research on phone, visit store to see product, buy on phone
  • Research online, buy online, have product shipped to store
  • Visit store, comparison shop on phone, order on Amazon
  • Visit store; comparison shop on phone; buy on phone, store or online
  • Mail order/telephone order (MOTO)
  • In-app ordering
  • eCommerce
  • Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS)
  • Curbside pickup and delivery
  • Shop in store, buy online
  • Shop online or in store, pay with foreign currency
  • Recurring, card-on-file payments (Streaming services, ride-hailing apps, SaaS offerings, and more)

Most importantly, businesses must meet customers wherever they are browsing and shopping. Your customer may initiate a transaction in one channel, continue in another, and check out in a third channel. Are you nimble enough to meet that customer across all touchpoints?

One-to-many commerce

The commerce journey has taken us from early models, that relied on battery chargers and physical and virtual plug-ins, to today’s secure and seamless solutions that happen everywhere with minimal effort or friction.

Over time, transactions have become less like clicks and more like ongoing conversations between customers and brands. These conversations increasingly occur in real time, as payments become more agile than ever before. Surviving and scaling in this environment requires flexible architecture and robust security.

In this fast-paced commerce environment, there’s no time to add capabilities one by one to your technology stack or to rely on a technology integration that redirects customers away from your website to a secure checkout page. No technology handoff will ever be agile or seamless enough for today’s sophisticated customers.

It’s time to go beyond integration to true embedded commerce. At VyaPay, we help partners embed payments directly into their core technologies, leaving tech handoffs and integrations in their rearview mirrors.

Next-level payments

Why outsource your payment processing when you can embed VyaPay’s commerce enablement? Our payment facilitation model and PCI certified payment gateway will save you time and money while keeping you up to date with everchanging security and regulatory compliance requirements. We are invested in always upgrading at no expense to our partners.

With VyaPay at your side, you will have your own built-in commerce multiplier – a customized solution that we design and create together based on everything you and your customers want. Directly embed multiple payments options, including click-to-pay and pay links in email, app and text communications. Meet customers at every stage of the customer journey, from inquiry to sales order to invoice. Enhance your service offerings with VyaPay’s proprietary reconciliation tools and more.

Ready for next-level payments enablement? Discover the VyaPay difference and enrich your customer experience with frictionless, embedded commerce.


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