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CAL Business Solutions is an IT services organization of finance and technology professionals that supports ERP customers nationwide. Not long ago we made the decision to implement Acumatica as our own internal Cloud ERP system. This has eliminated many challenges and saved our company both time and money. But the bigger question is, why would an ERP consulting company choose to change their own ERP system? 

Before implementing Acumatica, CAL Business Solutions was using five different systems: One for accounting and billing, a second for time entry and project accounting, a third to track sales leads, pull marketing lists, and analyze customer data, a fourth for reporting, and finally a fifth system for case management. Even though each department had access to the information they needed to do their job, there were still some major challenges. None of the various systems had the ability to connect with each other. This led to duplicate data entry and a lack of visibility of the entire team. 

Of course, this is not an ideal scenario. And not one that we have advised any of our clients to have to run their own businesses. But it evolved over time, we were busy taking care of customers, the shoemakers children etc…. you get the idea.

But our solution was Acumatica. We wanted to use the system that we sell. We didn’t realize initially what a dramatic impact it would have on our own business.

Acumatica combines all department needs into one single connected system. One single version of the truth. 

A few benefits we have seen:  

  • Single connected system means better communication and less data entry.
  • Automated renewal process saves 20+ hours a month.
  • Credit card processing saves thousands of dollars in fees.
  • Data is updated in real time across the company and is visible to each department.

George Mackiewicz, President of CAL Business Solutions, feels passionate about the benefits of Acumatica, “As a business owner, I can look at everything that’s going on, and I absolutely love it. Having those dashboards in the fabric of the Acumatica application without having to buy or learn additional tools is great.”

How else has CAL Business Solutions benefited from Acumatica? And how could your company benefit in the same way? Read our full success story at

Yes, we wrote a case study about ourselves. Because we truly are a success story.

If you are interested in evaluating Acumatica for your business, contact CAL at 860-485-0910 x4 or  

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