It’s time for the 2022 acu-connect Awards!

It’s Time for the 2022 acu-connect Awards!

At acu-connect, we focus on staying connected. Every day, we connect Acumatica partners and ISVs with growth-minded clients and prospects, so we can help everyone get the Acumatica solution that works best for their business. We love connecting people – and we hold the rank of Connector in the highest esteem. We agree with Merriam Webster, which defines Connector as:

something that connects
a thing which links two or more things together

Here at acu-connect, “Connector” is the rank reserved for our most active community members – these are the people who put the secret sauce into our community’s continued growth and success. Connectors are extremely important to the growth of our community, which is why every year we honor our top acu-connect Connectors with a series of awards.

Congratulations to Our 2022 acu-connect Award Winners

In the tradition of the Acumatica Partner Awards and Acumatica MVPs, the acu-connect Awards are granted yearly to stand-out Connectors who demonstrated exemplary initiative and activity over the prior year. We are grateful to have the partnership of these incredible individuals who are such an integral part of our community.

The Top acu-connector Award

Top acu-connector Awards are given to individuals within the acu-connect community who have helped expand connectors, i.e. connections.  Awards were based on number of activities community members were involved in and how much they engaged with community content and events to help the community grow.  

Our 2022 Top acu-connector Award winners are:

  • Ammah Billington
  • Rebecca Brandeburg
  • Sergey Chernyak
  • Louisa Gooding
  • Ashley Lemus
  • Megan Pawlowski
  • Caroline Rua
2022 Top acu-connector Award Winners Ammah Billington and Ashley Lemus and 2022 Steigy Award Winner Amiee Keenan

2022 Steigy Award Winner Amiee Keenan with 2022 Top acu-connector Award Winners Ammah Billington and Ashley Lemus.

The Steigy Award

The Steigy Award is given to a top acu-connector who went above and beyond to help the community grow through their determined dedication to the group to do whatever it took to meet the growing needs of the community.

This award is named in honor of Ryan Steigerwald, former Senior Director, Channels at Lockstep, who was a bright light throughout the ERP community and was taken from us far too soon on December 6, 2021. To commemorate him, acu-connect has created the annual Steigy Award, which is bestowed here for the first time at Acumatica Summit 2022.

Our 2022 Steigy Award winner is: Amiee Keenan

Presentation of the 2022 Steigy Award to Aimee Keenan

Presentation of the 2022 Steigy Award to Aimee Keenan.

Thank You to All Our acu-connect Community Members

We will never be able to thank our community members enough for all their incredible support and commitment to our ever-growing acu-connect community. These tireless individuals selflessly contribute their knowledge and expertise to organize activities and events that help the community grow while connecting people and technologies together.

We are proud and honored to partner with all our community members. If you would like to learn more about subscribing to the acu-connect community or have questions about upcoming events and activities, please contact us today or come find one of our representatives at Acumatica Summit 2022.

Connect with acu-connect

 About acu-connect: With educational presentations, activities, and events, acu-connect is the place to go for help understanding the best Acumatica-integrated solutions for your company. Explore your options now with acu-connect’s in-depth resources.

 Disclaimer: Past and present board members as well as paid members of the community are not eligible to win awards. Individuals must be official members of acu-connect via sign-up through the community website.


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