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    Please share your feedback here!

    Candyce Edelen

    My biggest hangup is endless presentations all day where I can’t get up from my chair all day.

    I also dislike long sessions that are not packed with really useful information.

    I have a tendency to register for a lot of sessions, but if the first session is boring or irrelevant to me, I quickly tune out. Then I get busy and forget to rejoin for later sessions.

    So it’s important that the first couple sessions really knock it out of the park with high quality content. Those first sessions will be the deciding factor for many to decide whether it’s worth sticking around.

    It would be helpful if we can have breakouts about the size of the Acu-Connect happy hours, so people can meet, network and discuss relevant topics. As the day progresses, we could have multiple breakout sessions, and each has a different mix of people, so that each participant is able to meet and network with at least 40-50 different people over the course of the day.

    My husband recently participated in a workshop where small breakout groups were given assignments which they completed as a team. Then they come back to the broader group and present what they worked on. That gave the breakout session purpose, and helped the participants engage and collaborate, which also served to help establish relationships.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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