acu-connect Virtual Happy Hour

If you could attend a local in-person networking event with a few dozen other members of the Acumatica community, would you do it? What if you could do it without even leaving your house?

For the past year, acu-connect has been hosting monthly “virtual happy hours” to give members of the community a chance to see and connect with each other in a casual virtual environment. These events are far more akin to going to a live networking event than to sitting in on a webinar because rather than one or two people speaking to a muted group, every attendee has the opportunity to participate in the conversation. 

Plus, like a local networking event, it’s a light-hearted, casual atmosphere where many of the attendees are enjoying their favorite beverage together. Anyone who has attended in the past will tell you that while the conversations are “work-related”, we definitely have lots of laughs!

We understand that it can be a bit intimidating for some to just log in to a meeting like this when you don’t know what to expect, so we thought we’d address some FAQs to clear up any confusion about what you’re signing up for.


What types of topics are discussed?

Many of us grew tired of Zoom happy hours (even with our friends) months ago…

For that reason, the conversation topics are typically planned in advance and gently moderated by members of our board to make sure we don’t go too far off-topic. Past topics have included:

  • Recaps and discussion around Acumatica events such as the recent R1 Virtual Launch and the Virtual Developers Conference. Those who attended shared their thoughts and those who didn’t got to hear what they missed.
  • Discussion on ERP software trends we’re seeing and how businesses’ digital transformations have been – and continue to be – impacted by COVID.
  • How attendees can get more involved with acu-connect, as well as ideas on how to maximize the value of membership.


Do I have to be an acu-connect member to attend?

No. The only criteria to attend is that you are a member of the Acumatica community – end users, partners, ISVs, and Acumatica employees. 

That said, why not become a member? Read what you get with your FREE acu-connect membership.


Do I have to turn my camera on?

No. We do ask that you display your name and company name so we can verify that you are a legitimate attendee, but you do not need to share video. About 75% of attendees typically do join on camera because they find it enhances the experience, but it’s up to you.


Can I just listen in, or will I be called on to participate?

While we would love to see everyone joining in the conversation, we understand that that’s not everyone’s MO. You’re welcome to just listen in. 

Other ways to participate include responding to anonymous survey questions and playing the Kahoot! Game with a chance to win prizes.


How many people are usually in attendance?

We’ve ranged from just a dozen or so to upwards of 50 attendees. 

We’ve built up a good core group of people who keep coming back every month. They come back for the networking, the learning, and not to be neglected, the fun. 

The bottom line…if you’ve never been to one of our happy hours, give it a try and register for the June 17 event to see what you’ve been missing!

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